Ontario Sports Betting - Popular Bets

Ontario Sports Betting – Popular Bets

The Ontario Lottery Corporation reports that 3.5 million bets have been placed on sports so far this summer, with football accounting for 45% of all wagers at 34%. The province’s only legal betting site ProLine+ has seen an increase in demand since it launched last month and now offers odds from multiple operators including the OLMC which will soon launch its own online shop where people can buy tickets to events as well as order delivery or take out orders themselves through app ordering options!

In Ontario, what other sports are popular? In particular with football betting. While the Toronto Argonauts have been dominant in CFL play and control nearly 50% of all wagers made so far this season (since Aug 27), baseball snagged 30%, soccer 18%. ProLine+ bettors aren’t into hockey yet though – just 2%of bets relate back to Canada’s national pastime which has traditionally dominated ML pools across North America!

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has announced that it will be rolling out registration for interested iGaming operators, suppliers in September. The AGCO also revealed they are currently working on sports betting regulations which were added as highlighted additions to standards regarding internet gaming this August- where there is no news at the moment!

The most active commercial sportsbook in Canada has been operating for PointsBet, building out an experienced executive team. It also partnered with Dailyfaceoff and The Nation Network of Canadian websites that focus on sport-related content. Toronto-based theScore hopes to have significant share within this market by partnering up with Canlan Sports which owns arenas across North America.

Operators want in on Ontario

The Canadian province of Ontario has a population nearly as large as the fifth-largest US state and it would be one of North America’s most populous jurisdictions with over 15 million residents. An Eilers & Krejcik report estimates that by 2022 sportsbooks could generate up CAD $570 million from betting, which makes it an attractive market for operators looking at what is sure to remain strong growth year after year.

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Author: Albert Anderson